HubSpot published an article titled “The Biggest Threat to Sales Teams in 2018 Isn’t Losing Clients.” The biggest threat is losing members of their sales team. The article says that average sales rep tenure sits at 1.5 years according to the Bridge Group, and offers reasons for why this number is low. This is a threat because of the financial and emotional costs.

Is this shocking to you?

One of the reasons salespeople are leaving is because job satisfaction is low. Until businesses take the time to understand the behaviors and culture that elevate job satisfaction this statistic will linger.

Although there are multiple factors that go into job satisfaction, here’s one way to proactively attack this problem and it applies to businesses and individual sales performers.


 CORE VALUE: A principle without which life wouldn’t be worth living.

– from the book Tribal Leadership


When I meet an unengaged, unsatisfied salesperson I’m curious to know the origin of their discontent.

Question: What are the core values of the company you work for? The common replies are:

  1. The person has no idea what their company’s core values are, OR
  2. The person recalls seeing core values in the training handbook and on the website. They are not talked about and do not play a role in day-to-day business.

Purposeful selling will only work in a purposeful business. Business should start with its purpose (the reason for why it exists) and values and use them to inspire employees and innovate.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Should every business establish their core values and use them to attract talent and influence important decisions? Should sales professionals have their own core values to guide them in pursuit of the right opportunity?

The answer is YES.

What do you care about the most? What are your passions, your deepest yearnings? What do you stand for and are willing to fight for? A purposeful sales career means listening to and following your heart.

Please take the time to complete the Core-Values-Exercise. You will be enlightened by its findings, and eliminate any chance of low satisfaction in your work. We can discuss how to use this insightful information to grow sales and career satisfaction.

Step #1: Know Thyself

Step #2: Create a Dynamic Personal Brand



Two things in my DNA lead to a career in sales. My curiosity and my love of building relationships with quality people.

I believe the best sales organizations invest in the development of their people. You improve the sales process when you improve the people involved. I have seen firsthand sales organizations that did not believe in the professional and personal growth of their people. The result? Friction, confusion and underperformance.

Consistent sales growth is one of many challenges a business faces. In my role as a consultant I have the opportunity to dig deeper to uncover issues related to strategy, communication, and professional development.

To quote Daniel Pink; "we are all in sales now." My promise to you is to develop the people in your organization who serve your customers. It's no longer just the Sales Department. Your sales strategy must be crystal clear, and communicated respectfully throughout your entire organization.

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