A value proposition is a clear statement of the business outcomes someone will get while using your service.” – Jill Konrath

The terms “elevator pitch” and “30-second commercial” are outdated in comparison to value proposition. The words pitch and commercial imply a message from the seller with no concern for the buyer. You cannot capture and maintain people’s attention by focusing solely on what you do.

I represent ACME fertilizer company and I sell great, cheap fertilizer.

Great salespeople deliver value. Great salespeople understand the outcomes their prospects and clients desire. Great salespeople have effective value propositions that lead to sales conversations and higher closing ratios.

Here are 3 components you must have in your value proposition:

  1. A reference to something your prospect measures. Things like; new client acquisition, sales revenue, average sale size, account attrition.
  2. Movement. Clients want you to change something. Will you help them increase, decrease, speed up, or slow down something that will help them achieve business objectives?
  3. Metrics. Measureable outcomes. If your prospect seeks new client acquisition, refer to your track record of X new clients per X sales presentations.

This is where sales and marketing merge. An effective value proposition is a function of marketing, yet every salesperson needs one.

Let’s have a conversation about your value proposition. Combined with the added value of knowing your personality style you will be positioned to be a peak performer and sustaining resource for your clients.



Two things in my DNA lead to a career in sales. My curiosity and my love of building relationships with quality people.

I believe the best sales organizations invest in the development of their people. You improve the sales process when you improve the people involved. I have seen firsthand sales organizations that did not believe in the professional and personal growth of their people. The result? Friction, confusion and underperformance.

Consistent sales growth is one of many challenges a business faces. In my role as a consultant I have the opportunity to dig deeper to uncover issues related to strategy, communication, and professional development.

To quote Daniel Pink; "we are all in sales now." My promise to you is to develop the people in your organization who serve your customers. It's no longer just the Sales Department. Your sales strategy must be crystal clear, and communicated respectfully throughout your entire organization.

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