About Michael J. Lynch

I fell in love with sales because I was born curious. It becomes easier to understand customer needs when it is natural to ask probing questions. I learned a lot about business by “interviewing” prospects and clients. The discovery process forms the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship.

My sales career taught me that culture is the X-factor in your business. The people you hire, the clarity of your organization’s mission, and the values that guide your decisions will determine how engaged and productive your people are. I want your sales organization to be a magnet for talent that thrives in a healthy, prosperous environment.

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“Michael helped me develop strategies to overcome challenges and manage unmotivated sales employees. I also learned what should be communicated when building rapport and conducting a discovery meeting. Thank you Michael for guiding me on the path to becoming a better sales manager and leader.”
– Printing & Graphic Design Industry

“Michael is an intuitive sales coach. I’ve had many “aha” moments with his coaching, especially his focus on leading with my strengths. Thank you for your inspiration and support!”
– Service Industry

“Michael taught an excellent course on Sales Presentation Skills that was very professional and easy to understand. He has lots of materials and useful ways to help you figure out what direction you need to go. I believe you’ll gain plenty of insightful information and action items from working with him. I definitely recommend him and the solutions he proposes!”
– Financial Institution