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Are You a Sales Genius?

Look at where you are in your sales career. Are you working at your appropriate level, earning what you are supposed to earn, doing what you are supposed to do?

Do you work in an environment of high expectations, or something else?

If you are given permission to share your sales genius what would you tell us?

Some sales organizations allow for maximum creativity, decision making, and autonomy (see The Ritz Carlton’s $2,000 rule). Others demand conformity, and close adherence to the rules. Absolutely no coloring outside the lines. 

To quote Seth Godin, “there are no longer any great jobs where someone else tells you what to do.”

The Sales profession needs your genius. You are capable of insight, invention, or connection that makes a difference that is unique to you. Share it. Spread it. Teach it. 

Your Genius + Environment = Indispensable.

Where are you in this equation?

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Saturday, 23 March 2019