Eliminate Sales Turnover Costs By Focusing on 3 Things

Sally Jones, top sales performer has decided to move on from your company. She leaves abruptly and for reasons unknown. Happens every day. Agility in sales organizations starts with knowing how to respond to this scenario in an intelligent, cost effective manner. Have you had an honest conversation about the literal costs of Sally’s departure and what it will take to replace her? It’s painful at first, yet effective in the long term. Here are some of the costs you have to consider: IMMEDIATELY Loss of ongoing revenue from her existing clients. Loss of her prospecting, qualifying and closing new business (pipeline). Public relations hit. Why did she leave? Morale/culture instability. Who’s next? 30-60 DAYS Creating a hiring profile (job description). Use of HR and/or a recruiter. Marketing to solicit candidates. Qualify and arrange interviews. First interviews and follow up. Contract updates and edits. Submit offers. Hire and onboard. ONGOING...
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