3 Components of an Effective Value Proposition

“ A value proposition is a clear statement of the business outcomes someone will get while using your service .” – Jill Konrath The terms “elevator pitch” and “30-second commercial” are outdated in comparison to value proposition. The words pitch and commercial imply a message from the seller with no concern for the buyer. You cannot capture and maintain people’s attention by focusing solely on what you do. I represent ACME fertilizer company and I sell great, cheap fertilizer. Great salespeople deliver value. Great salespeople understand the outcomes their prospects and clients desire. Great salespeople have effective value propositions that lead to sales conversations and higher closing ratios. Here are 3 components you must have in your value proposition: A reference to something your prospect measures . Things like; new client acquisition, sales revenue, average sale size, account attrition. Movement . Clients want you to change something. Will you help...
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