The 7 Steps of Purposeful Selling

In the next few weeks I will introduce the 7 Steps of Purposeful Sellin g . In my preparation for this series I continued to have this recurring question: Why should anyone care ? Your skepticism is respected. To give this subject context, let’s think about changes that have occurred in sales in the past few decades: People do NOT want to be sold The buyer interacts with the salesperson much later in the buying process Salespeople need to educate, and be seen as subject matter experts Curiosity and discovery are important attributes for the salesperson Listening trumps talking/pitching Business development is relationship development In spite of your title, we are all in sales now The salesperson who will excel today is different than those in the past. Think of the stereotypical phrases applied to previous generations of salespeople; “must be an extrovert,” or “motivated by money,” or “has to...
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