Are You Focused On Client Needs, or Sales Quotas?

Ask a salesperson to describe the problem they solve. You may get a puzzled look, a client focused solution, or something in between. The stereotypical sales person, or worse “order taker” doesn’t know or care about the problems clients are facing. They are interested in generating transactions and hitting quota. “ Nobody is going to buy from you because you need the money ,” bestselling author and speaker Bob Burg says. “ They’re not even going to buy from you because you’re a really nice person who believes in your product and thinks they should have it .” The current trend in sales is to develop subject matter experts (SME’s). This new version of a sales professional uses expertise and influence to “coach” decisions based on understanding client needs. Establishing trust and credibility at the outset of a relationship is paramount to having success. SME’s don’t have quick fixes. Your...
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