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The Joy of Sales and Marketing Alignment

In the world of Business to Business (B2B) selling few things guarantee success more than sales and marketing alignment. Alignment is easier said than done. With respect to John Gray, is it possible that Sales is from Mars and Marketing from Venus?

The personalities leading each department dictate the level of communication, cooperation, and ability to see things from the other’s perspective. Each person within the sales/marketing domain should have specific personality traits and motivations that will contribute to the team.

When sales and marketing drift apart, revenue declines and friction increases. When sales and marketing work together you will see success in the following areas:

Content from Marketing is speaking directly to the prospective customer. The sales department is able to start more sales conversations based on their ability to uncover needs. The more relevant the marketing content, and the more it is tailored for the buyer, the more likely it is the buyer will respond positively.

Customer engagement fuels communication from Sales to Marketing. Business to Business buyers do not want to be sold. They want a personalized approach. Content starts the conversation. Engagement takes place when the buyer sees the seller’s ability to further discover their needs. What was happening in their business that sent them looking for a solution? What else have they tried that didn’t work? When sales uncovers this information it must be shared with marketing to confirm or modify future content.

Coaching to stay on track. If you have sales and marketing alignment how will you maintain it? An external set of eyes focused on watching all steps of the Content – Engagement – Customer Acquisition process is necessary. An ongoing strategy of coaching should include 1:1 and team interaction. Coaching will help with soft skill development, communication skills and utilizing the strengths of individual contributors.

Is sales and marketing aligned in your business? Let’s schedule a complementary discovery session to address that now.

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