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A recent blog post from HubSpot caught my eye. This post is titled; “How to Build a High-Performing Sales Team: 5 Steps.” I strongly advocate the use of a personality profile.


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Think About Behavioral Types

Reviewing the basic personality types often encountered in sales can provide additional insight into hiring effective sales representatives. Understanding an applicant’s most typical behavioral style when interacting with others can reveal how that person solves problems and makes decisions. And you can learn how flexible the applicant is in dealing with contrasting personality styles.

The four types:

  1. Dominant: A dominant individual loves a challenge and is always ready to take on the competition. Dominant people are direct, positive, and straightforward. They continuously seek new horizons and like to make decisions quickly. Some consider dominants restless, because they become impatient and dissatisfied with the status quo. They are generally resourceful and adapt readily to new situations. 
  2. Cautious: Cautious people are humble, loyal, and non-aggressive. They are usually conservative, slow to make decisions until they have absorbed all available information, and sticklers for detail. Cautious individuals want to be appreciated and will go to extreme lengths to avoid stepping on someone’s toes. They strive for a stable, ordered life, and tend to be more task- than people-oriented.
  3. Interactive: These individuals are outgoing, persuasive, gregarious, and generally optimistic. Interested in people, they’re poised in social situations; at an initial meeting they may greet you warmly by your first name, as if you’ve been friends for life. Interactive types may act on emotional impulse, making decisions based on a cursory analysis.
  4. Steady: Usually amiable, supportive, and relaxed, steady individuals appear contented and laid back. Patience and deliberateness are their defining characteristics. People high in steadiness strive to maintain the status quo and avoid rocking the boat. They value relationships that they have worked hard to establish, and operate well in a team environment.

Matching the salesperson’s personality to the job — or even to the type of client he or she interacts with — makes sense. But remember that people often display characteristics of two or more personality profiles.

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World class talent is discovered and developed with with the use of DISC. As a Sales Coach I spend most of my time in the Culture Creation business. The best business cultures have an understanding of how to blend talent to meet business objectives.

Look at the team you have assembled, or one you are part of. Improve your productivity and impact by using a tool that is easy and fun. Trust, communication and collaboration increase. Friction, confusion and under performance will be a thing of the past.

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