“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.”

-Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher

(this is the 1st in a series of 7 steps)

When looking at the performance of a sales organization you need to consider several metrics. The goals and objectives set forth by the organization, and the characteristics and capabilities of the individuals doing the work. It’s not uncommon to see a mismatch in these metrics. Let me give you an example.

ACME Corporation requires their salespeople cold-call 100 new prospects weekly. They have calculated that their sales funnel needs 100 calls that will convert to their desired number of sales. Upon closer review only 20% of the sales team reaches that number and the rest struggle. Why is that?

The worst assumption made in Sales is that all salespeople are the same. Of course they are not. There are certain types of personalities who naturally work at a pace and follow a disciplined process to knock off 100 calls. It’s in their DNA. What do you do with the other 80%? Coach them? Berate them? Fire them? There are ways to avoid this situation.

Purposeful Selling emphasizes “knowing thyself.” Sales jobs are worthless if you are not connecting your natural talents and motivational drivers in a way that inspires you, your employer and your customers.

This message is for salespeople and their employers.  PLEASE invest 20 minutes to take this personality profile and learn what makes you unique. There is no fee, yet it will be the best investment of your life. Once the profile is completed I will debrief you and discuss how to use this information to your advantage.

Here are situations when this information is valuable:

  • Recruiting salespeople and sales managers
  • Evaluating existing salespeople and sales managers
  • Discovering the causes of underperformance such as missed quotas
  • Trying to improve a toxic sales culture
  • When considering a career in sales

Sell with purpose. You will succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and bring dignity and honor to our profession.



Two things in my DNA lead to a career in sales. My curiosity and my love of building relationships with quality people.

I believe the best sales organizations invest in the development of their people. You improve the sales process when you improve the people involved. I have seen firsthand sales organizations that did not believe in the professional and personal growth of their people. The result? Friction, confusion and underperformance.

Consistent sales growth is one of many challenges a business faces. In my role as a consultant I have the opportunity to dig deeper to uncover issues related to strategy, communication, and professional development.

To quote Daniel Pink; "we are all in sales now." My promise to you is to develop the people in your organization who serve your customers. It's no longer just the Sales Department. Your sales strategy must be crystal clear, and communicated respectfully throughout your entire organization.

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