Achieving quota requires having the right people aligned with sales objectives and the right processes to get your desired results.

On the other hand, distractions, time wasting activities, and zero time scheduled for training and development leads to a variety of unintended consequences.

A voice from outside your sales organization can ask critical questions to keep performers focused on the important tasks that are aligned with sales goals.

When working with your organization I would ask the following of each of your producers…

  1. What are you trying to accomplish in the next 6 months? One year? Two years? This requires understanding personal aspirations. Have a consistent, two-way dialogue based on trust. This impacts sales retention.
  2. What part of your job is most challenging, and why? Sales is an ego driven business, yet all salespeople have blind spots in addition to their strengths.
  3. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1 being poor, 10 being outstanding) in the following areas:
    1. Prospecting
    2. Connecting
    3. Discovery/Qualifying
    4. Presentation
    5. Closing
  4. What are you currently doing to get better in these areas? Questions 3 and 4 make the case of individualized coaching. All salespeople are not the same.
  5. If I interviewed your clients and prospects, what would they say about you? This is a good chance to gauge your salesperson’s ability to be self-aware. Then, get input from the clients.
  6. How have you helped other team members, and vice versa in the past month? Peer mentoring and support is a hallmark of strong sales organizations.

Who is asking these questions in your organization?

Let’s discuss the questions important to your organization, and how coaching can increase sales revenue.



Two things in my DNA lead to a career in sales. My curiosity and my love of building relationships with quality people.

I believe the best sales organizations invest in the development of their people. You improve the sales process when you improve the people involved. I have seen firsthand sales organizations that did not believe in the professional and personal growth of their people. The result? Friction, confusion and underperformance.

Consistent sales growth is one of many challenges a business faces. In my role as a consultant I have the opportunity to dig deeper to uncover issues related to strategy, communication, and professional development.

To quote Daniel Pink; "we are all in sales now." My promise to you is to develop the people in your organization who serve your customers. It's no longer just the Sales Department. Your sales strategy must be crystal clear, and communicated respectfully throughout your entire organization.

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