My coaching follows a proven sales process to create opportunities that lead to closed business. The steps are measurable and remove confusion over what is working and what isn’t. I will assess upfront the areas of the sales process that need attention.

  • Step 1: Target Market (watch)
  • Step 2: Marketing/Connecting with the right prospects (watch
  • Step 3: Gaining favorable attention (watch)
  • Step 4: Discovering wants and needs (watch)
  • Step 5: Proposing solutions and consequences (watch)
  • Step 6: Commitment (watch)
  • Step 7: Follow up (watch)


Sales organizations succeed (and fail) in the hiring process. You will get access to tools, and training that provide objective information necessary when hiring. The costs of making mistakes in the hiring process are overwhelming. Hire the right people to achieve your objectives.


When I first met Michael I was in a difficult period in our Sales cycle. I wasn’t pleased with the direction of our business. I felt stuck and unable to envision how to increase sales. Michael used personality profiling tools to determine the causes of our problems. We improved our sales system. He taught me how to motivate my team. I have to say that things are moving again. We are back in growth mode!”
Architecture Industry

We are a small business that’s taking our business to the next level. Michael came in and listened attentively to what our business was and all about what our needs were. Over the next few months, he delivered suggestions and tools that would help us achieve our goals. He’s very knowledgeable and understanding to a small businesses challenges and gave us some very well-thought-out recommendations. I would recommend Michael to anyone who’s hit a wall and wants to take action to solve their problems.”
Accounting Firm