The great organizations in this new economy will be those that realize that intellectual capital is the new “most important” asset, and change their management principles accordingly.

– Jay Niblick, President, Innermetrix, Inc.

What if:

  • You could determine how someone values the world around them?
  • You understood someone’s natural talents based on how they think and make decisions?
  • You understood what motivated them to use those talents?
  • You understood how someone prefers to use those talents?

You can!

Let’s schedule a workshop that will address these questions. Our intellectual economy rewards those who understand the intangible assets of their people. These assets are increasing in value. Understanding the natural talents an individual possesses effects who you hire and how you lead them.

Who will benefit from this workshop? Groups of people who are evaluated based on achieving specific business objectives, such as:

  • Executive teams
  • Managers
  • Teams in Sales, Customer Service etc…

3-Step process to make this happen:

  1. Let’s have a conversation about your team and the challenges and opportunities you face.
  2. Your team will get access to an online profile that will require approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  3. We will meet in a workshop to share what has been learned and discuss how to use this information when hiring, and ways to develop your people in a respectful, collaborative environment.

This proven process will transform your team, and your business. Let’s get started!



Two things in my DNA lead to a career in sales. My curiosity and my love of building relationships with quality people.

I believe the best sales organizations invest in the development of their people. You improve the sales process when you improve the people involved. I have seen firsthand sales organizations that did not believe in the professional and personal growth of their people. The result? Friction, confusion and underperformance.

Consistent sales growth is one of many challenges a business faces. In my role as a consultant I have the opportunity to dig deeper to uncover issues related to strategy, communication, and professional development.

To quote Daniel Pink; "we are all in sales now." My promise to you is to develop the people in your organization who serve your customers. It's no longer just the Sales Department. Your sales strategy must be crystal clear, and communicated respectfully throughout your entire organization.

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